George R. R. Martin – The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr Audiobook

George R. R. Martin - The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr Audiobook Free

George R. R. Martin – The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr Audiobook


One moment there was just the valley, caught in twilight. The setting sunlight hung fat and violet on the ridge over, and also its rays inclined down calmly right into a dense woodland whose trees had shiny black trunks as well as anemic macabre leaves. The only sounds were the sobs of the mourning-birds appearing for the evening, as well as the speedy rush of water in the rocky stream that reduced the woods.

After that, through an entrance unseen, Sharra came tired and also bloodied to the world of Laren Dorr. She put on a simple white outfit, currently discolored and also perspiring, and also a heavy hair cloak that had been half-ripped from her back. And also her left arm, bare as well as slender, still hemorrhaged from three lengthy wounds. George R. R. Martin – The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr Audiobook Stream. She appeared by the side of the stream, shaking, and she threw a fast, wary glance concerning her before she stooped to dress her wounds. The water, for all its speed, was a dark and also dirty green. No other way to inform if it was secure, but Sharra was weak as well as thirsty. She consumed, washed her arm as ideal she might in the weird and skeptical water, and also bound her injuries with plasters torn from her clothes. After that, as the purple sun dipped reduced behind the ridge, she crept away from the water to a sheltered spot among the trees as well as fell into worn down sleep.

She woke to arms around her, strong arms that lifted her conveniently to carry her someplace, as well as she woke having a hard time. But the arms simply tightened up as well as held her still. “Easy,” a smooth voice stated, and she saw a face poorly through gathering mist, a male’s face, long and in some way mild.

” You are weak,” he claimed, “and also night is coming. We should be inside prior to darkness.”

Sharra did not struggle, not after that, though she recognized she should. She had been having a hard time a long period of time, and also she was tired. However she checked out him, puzzled. “Why?” she asked. After that, not awaiting an answer, “That are you? Where are we going?”

” To security,” he claimed.

” Your home?” she asked, sluggish.

” No,” he stated, so soft she could rarely hear his voice. “No, away, never home. Yet it will certainly do.” She heard spraying after that, as if he were bring her across the stream, and ahead of them on the ridge she glimpsed a gaunt, twisted shape, a triple-towered castle etched black against the sun. Odd, she thought, that wasn’t there prior to.

She rested.
When she woke, he existed, enjoying her. She lay under a heap of soft, cozy blankets in a curtained, canopied bed. But the drapes had actually been withdrawed, as well as her host rested throughout the room in an excellent chair draped by shadows. Candlelight flickered in his eyes, as well as his hands locked with each other nicely under his chin. “Are you feeling far better?” he asked, without relocating.

She stayed up and observed she was naked. Swift as suspicion, quicker than believed, her hand mosted likely to her head. Yet the dark crown was still there, in place, unblemished, its steel cool against her eyebrow. Unwinding, she leaned back against the cushions and also drew the coverings up to cover herself. “Better,” she claimed, and as she stated it she realized for the first time that her wounds were gone.

The man smiled at her, an unfortunate, nostalgic type of smile. He had a strong face, with charcoal-colored hair that crinkled in lazy ringlets and dropped right into dark eyes in some way bigger than they ought to be. Also seated, he was tall. And slim. He used a match and also cape of some soft gray natural leather, and also over that he wore sorrowful like a cloak. “Claw marks,” he stated speculatively, while he grinned. “Claw marks down your arm, as well as your clothing virtually ripped from your back. Somebody does not like you.”

” Something,” Sharra said. “A guardian, a guardian at the gate.” She sighed. “There is constantly a guardian at the gate. The Seven do not like us to move from world to globe. Me they like the very least of all.”

His hands unravelled from underneath his chin and also rested on the sculpted wood arms of his chair. He responded, however the wistful smile remained. The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr Audiobook Download. “So, after that,” he stated. “You know the 7, and also you recognize the gates.” His eyes wandered off to her forehead. “The crown, of course. I should have thought.”

Sharra grinned at him. “You did guess. More than that, you recognized. That are you? What world is this?”

” My world,” he stated equally. “I have actually named it a thousand times, however none of the names ever before appear quite best. There was one once, a name I liked, a name that fit. However I have actually forgotten it. It was a very long time earlier. My name is Laren Dorr, or that was my name, once, when I had use for such a thing. Present moment it appears rather ridiculous. Yet a minimum of I have not forgotten it.”

” Your world,” Sharra stated. “Are you a king, after that? A god?”

” Yes,” Laren Dorr responded, with a simple laugh. “And extra. I’m whatever I pick to be. There is no one around to challenge me.”