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Shatterpoint Audio Book


Matthew Stover’s Shatterpoint is probably the first actual extensive check out Mace Windu’s character, and also it ends up he is just one of the even more passion prequel characters. Shatterpoint is a retake on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, however starring Mace Windu, and like that unique it checks out the midsts and darkness of the human personality. In this situation, Mace Windu mosts likely to his homeworld, Haruun Kal, to track down a rouge Jedi, and also former padawan, Depa Billaba. During his quest, he comes to be embroiled in a nasty civil war.

The Jedi viewpoint provided in this publication is more than you could request for. It’s the only fictional publication I ever taken the time to highlight as several exerts from. The activity as well as strength stays consistantly exciting like no publication I’ve checked out in 36 years of living. Never ever needed to review the same sentance twice, it maintained me completely engaged. It is also worthy of mentioning, in regards to geographics and economics, this earth “Haruun Kal” was clearly based on Africa; and that the writer has legit understanding of Special Forces as well as unconventional war. Star wars – Shatterpoint Audiobook Free. I speak from experience as a Soldier in the military. I liked this publication so much I leather bound it myself. I will certainly more than likely read it many, often times!

Shatterpoint checks out the darker side of the Force. Just how dark can a Jedi go and still be a Jedi? What acts are acceptable for Jedi during a time of battle? This publication explores the moral choices the Jedi had to make during The Clone Wars in a Vietnam War sort of setup. You do not need to be a Star Wars follower to value the dark tale and great narration. I could not put it down.

Second, Shatterpoint takes Celebrity Wars to a darker area, nearly as dark as Heart of Darkness itself. The civil battle appears like the kinds of ethnic problems located in central Africa rather than the good-versus-evil disinfected problems of much of Celebrity Wars. Mace Windu typically locates himself preaching restriction and for humane treatment of the enemy, only to have his precepts wondered about. The “Reality” he finds in the forest is both disturbing and also ends up being profoundly precise.

The only aspect of guide I really did not such as was the abundance of “impossible scenarios.” It appears like Mace Windu experiences a scenario he can not possibly run away from every 50 pages, however certainly he typically handles to discover a shatterpoint. I assume if the earlier battle scenes had been reduced a little bit, the later ones would have felt even more intense. The final quarter of guide goes back to the a lot more common Star Wars fare of large fights and constant activity. It’s well done and also takes interesting turns, yet isn’t virtually as fascinating as the earlier parts.

There are few points I actually like regarding the book. First, Stover goes to excellent sizes to clarify Mace Windu’s Pressure powers and how he utilizes them. Download Star wars Shatterpoint Audiobook. Normally, the Force is nearly dealt with like mysticism or magic, yet Stover makes it a bit extra concrete. Particularly, Mace can recognize “shatterpoints,” or the snapping point of challengers or the center of gravity of specific scenarios. For example, he (properly it ends up) recognizes Palpatine as a guy of main relevance to the future of the Republic.

I never ever reviewed Shatterpoint when it initially came out, but determined to provide it an appearance when the occasions of the Kanan comic book appeared to indicate that the tale in Shatterpoint took place. Therefore, while this story is practically part of the “Legends” collection and also not canon, facets of it aid us comprehend things that remain in the present canon. I’m actually, really pleased I chose this up as.

Bestseller Matthew Stover (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Traitor) takes the Star Wars franchise boldly right into brand-new territory with Star Wars: Shatterpoint: A Clone Wars Novel, the initial of a forecasted sextet. After the fight of Geonosis, Jedi Master Mace Windu returns residence to the forest world of Haruun Kal to look for his previous student, Depa Billaba. A strange recording Depa left at the scene of an awful bloodbath is the only idea to her destiny.

I like a few of the subtle information concerning Mace’s character, such as his insurance claim that he hadn’t grinned in one decade. Not remarkably, it turns out Mace Windu is not dissimilar from Samuel L. Jackson’s other tough-guy functions, but wit a couple of twists.

One of my favored attributes of Stover’s Star Wars novels is exactly how he incorporates “ordinary people” as well as their sights right into what are usually legendary plots. For example, in Celebrity Wars: Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, Luke vents his aggravation with holodramas (essentially tabloid movies). In Shatterpoint, Mace Windu satisfies kids who argue over whether Jango Fett was the greatest fugitive hunter ever as well as whether he was really dead – simply the type of hero worship sporting activities stars or political leaders may receive today.