Star Wars – The Unifying Force Audiobook

Star Wars – The Unifying Force Audiobook (The New Jedi Order)

Star Wars - The Unifying Force Audiobook

Star Wars – The Unifying Force Audio Book



At long last, the New York Times bestselling collection that launched the Star Wars legend into the next generation and also into awesome new area reaches its magnificent ending. Star Wars – The Unifying Force Audiobook. Side-by-side, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, their youngsters, and their companions in the Galactic Alliance rally for their last stand versus the enemy that endangers not only the galaxy, yet the Force itself.

The Galactic Alliance?s hard-won success in responding to the Yuuzhan Vong assault has confirmed all also brief?and the tide has turned one more time to the intruders? advantage. Having gotten rid of the sabotage techniques of the Jedi as well as their allies, the marauding aliens have pressed deeper into the galaxy as well as subjugated a lot more worlds in their callous mission for supremacy. Coruscant has been reprise into a Yuuzhan Vong fortress. The remnants of the resistance are battling to form an unified front. Luke, Mara, as well as Jacen are missing out on in action. Clearly the stage is established for endgame.

Currently, as Han and Leia obtain the cooling news that hundreds of high-ranking Galactic Partnership detainees encounter slaughter in a sacrifice to the enemy?s bloodthirsty gods, Luke and also his group attempt frantically to convince the living world of Zonama Sekot to sign up with the Jedi?s last war the Yuuzhan Vong. Yet even as they talk, a single spaceport station is all that stands between Alliance headquarters on Mon Calamari … and wave after wave of vicious adversary pressures salarying their most crucial attack.

At the same time, the Jedi?s alliances throughout the galaxy are being tested?and the chances of triumph jeopardized?by rogue factions established to deploy the lethal tool that will wipe out the and also probably numerous other varieties. And also amongst the Yuuzhan Vong themselves, the threat of rebellion has actually reached a boiling point?as the oppressed underclass and powerful authorities alike fear their Supreme Overlord?s mad activities will prompt the wrath of the gods.
At last I have ended up the 19 publications of the New Jedi Order. It ends big. James Luceno does his typical great job as he wraps things up in The Unifying Force. Mr. Luceno is just one of the best, as well as I recognized he would not let us down. He links things together and reaches a final thought while at the same time reminding us of happenings from other publications.

As anticipated, the war with the finishes with a substantial battle. The sentient earth of Zonama Sekot has a significant duty as do the Shamed Ones, the oppressed participants of the Yuuzhan Vong society. The Jedi get to a more clear understanding of the Force with the help of Vergere as well as Zonama Sekot. Everybody seems to interact up until things start to make sense.

A principal in all of this is the Vong’s Supreme Emperor Shimmra. He is somewhat of a mystical leader via the collection, and also his fortunes take an unanticipated direction throughout the weaves at the end of the book. Just keep in mind that every little thing is not as it seems. The Unifying Force Audiobook Free. Keep a close eye on Nom Anor. The final battle is massive as well as very gratifying. Jacen Solo is a key factor below.

I admit to being somewhat relieved that my trip via the New Jedi Order has ultimately come to an end. I felt slowed down sometimes. However, the total trip was worth it. The Yuuzhan Vong were interesting, strange aliens. The capability of the Republic and also the Jedi to deal with them was in doubt often times. Essentially the various writers in the series created well and maintained us as visitors on our toes. The New Jedi Order and The Unifying Force are worthwhile parts of the Celebrity Wars saga. Specifically, I eagerly anticipate finding out more of Mr. Luceno’s publications.

There are few routine writers in the Star Wars Expanded Universe whose books I expect a lot more eagerly than a new launch penned by James Luceno. Mr. Luceno has a remarkable grip of the complex details of the galaxy far, far, as well as at his ideal has the ability to weave disparate aspects from lots of sources into a natural and abundant tapestry. I can not imagine a better selection for a writer to get the many threads laid down in the eighteen previous New Jedi Order publications as well as in some way make sense of them in its entirety.

In The Unifying Force, Mr. Luceno accomplishes not just this difficult task but includes various responds and updates to older product as well. To experience this book at its best, a reader would certainly not just wish to have actually read the New Jedi Order leading up to it however have as much exposure as possible to the Bantam Spectra books established prior chronologically.